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All American Kayak understands the challenges we all face with our current economy. We offer Kayak Rentals & Free Guide
Service Tours as often as we can to help support our local paddling community, and to give prospective paddlers the opportunity
to book a Rental Kayak at a discounted rate with out compromising safety, quality or service. As a professional outfitter our
insurance company requires all participants to be registered for tours before hand. Please take a minute and fill out the form to
your left and if you need a Rental please make payment on your right. Launch directions and information will be sent to you
24-48 hours prior to the tour. We look forward to making your paddling experience one of a kind.
For those paddlers who have there own kayak and participate in Free Guide Service Tours we kindly ask that you us stay “Afloat” by donating
$5.00 to help cover the monthly costs of our insurance premium. Thank you for your continued support we appreciate our paddling family.
At All American Kayak we feel it is important to be part of a Team, Our local paddling community is growing each and
every day so instead of all the head aches regarding competition why not work together. We are happy to paddle with
Kayak Jeff, FBAO, and the South Florida Kayak Meet Up Group sharing the same common goal. Get you on the water!