As a local Firefighter-Paramedic and Manager of All American Kayak, Erica is the heart and soul
of this company. “I feel it is important to bring people into the heart of nature, educate them
about our surrounding environment, and help them achieve individual kayaking aspirations.” When
she is not responding to emergency calls, Erica can be found paddling her lava P&H Scorpio just
about any where in the South. Erica has 8 years of on the water experience, an Associates
Degree in Health Science and a Big Heart. If you are looking for a compassionate dedicated
guide you’ve found the right place to enjoy your paddling experience.
All American Kayak is a mobile kayak tour company. Our staff organizes guided kayaking tours
based on location, tides, and weather patterns. The sole purpose of our company is to provide
you ( our family ) with the highest level of customer service possible. We are known for our
variety of tour locations, over abundance of safety equipment, and knowledgeable staff. Catering
to the South Florida coastal regions, our organization offers clients both experienced and non
the opportunity to enjoy a unique on the water experience like never before.
We believe in providing you our family with the best service imaginable. What that means to us is
if you can not find what your looking for through our organization we will be happy to make
recommendations to other outfitters based upon what type of experience your looking for.
Our motto is to Paddle 4 Pleasure!
Guillermo Rivero - Assistant Guide
Originally from Venizuella Guillermo has found his second home here with All American Kayak. He
is a motivated, energetic, nature loving guy who's always looking to learn. Guillermo is bilingual
and has a career as a sound technition. He loves to spend his free time out on the water via
kayak. "Every time it's a new adventure I just love it!" Guillermo has a few months of guide
training under his belt and is well on his way to becoming a Lead Guide.
We feel he is a tremendous asset to our organization and you our paddling family.
Welcome to our family!
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Erica Gleeson - Manager/Lead Guide
Rachelle Mabry - Assistant Guide
When she is not playing with the 4 legged children, counting money, or making hand crafted
Jewelry she’s out on the water where she finds peace. Rachelle is know to paddlers as the silent
teacher, when assisting on tours she evaluates the group and paddles right up to folks to offer
her assistance. In the back round Rachelle also helps keep our insurance and tax information
together for the accountant. With out her our family would not be so organized. Thanks Rachelle!
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