Winterfest Boat Parade
Come out and join us to watch the Boat Parade with an upfront one of a kind view.
We will meet at our designated location nice and early to do a bit of decorating
ourselves. Get on the water nice and early to grab our "Prime" spot for an upfront
amazing view of the Parade. We will anchor off and clip up to a float line and sit back
and watch the show while sipping on some eggnog and eating cookies. This event sells
out every year so if you are planning to be a part of this year's fun make sure to book
early. Eggnog, Cookies and some decorating supplies will be provided for you.
Bring something to share or not, either way we are going to have a ball.
Have My
Own Kayak
Single Cockpit
Kayak Rental
Single Sit-on-top
Kayak Rental
Kayak Rental
Donate Please
$55.00 p/p
$50.00 p/p
$45.00 p/p
Kayak Rentals & Payments
Kayak Rental rates include guide service, Holiday Decor & Treats
Your kayak, pfd's , paddles, and guide service.