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Paddle Descriptions and Locations:
America’s Venice
Travel through the expansive and intricate canal system in the heart of Down Town Ft. Lauderdale.
Massive million dollar homes line these canals, flaunting there beautiful yacht’s and elaborate landscapes.
Soak it in with a view of the skyline, the 408” Bank of America Plaza towers above the rest with its
illuminating red, white and blue obtuse triangular top. This tour is mostly run on week nights. We may kayak
approximately 5 - 6 miles over a span of 2 - 3 hours. Paddlers rating for this tour is Easy/Intermediate
Bahia Honda State Park
Enjoy the crystal clear waters and the pure white sandy beaches of this tropical island located at mm39 in the
Florida Keys . Get an on the water view of the historic Henry Flagler's Rail Road Bridge that was destroyed in
the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935. Discover the hidden lagoon only accessible by kayaking through a beautiful
mangrove tunnel. Venture out across the blue to a small desolate island just a few hundred feet from the
shore. This tour is mostly run as a 1 night or 2 night camping trip. Tours will be comprised of sight seeing
around the island, into the lagoon, watching the sun set over the bridge, snorkeling, and fishing. We may kayak
10 - 20 miles over a span of 1 or 2 days. Paddlers rating for this tour is Easy.
Dania Beach Snorkeling
In 1967 thousands of concrete hexapods were deployed in a linear pile perpendicular to the Dania Beach,
Florida shoreline forming the Erojacks artificial reef. The reef brings an abundance of sea life in from the
deep, logger head turtles, sting rays, nurse sharks and plenty of tropical fish are just a few of the creatures
we will be hoping to see. This paddle is in open waters and participants should be good swimmers.
Deerfield Island
This quaint little island was once part of a peninsula Al Capone wanted to turn into a retreat. In 1934,
however, the federal government took over the property as part of the gangster's bankrupt estate.
Kayaking tours to this location are a nice way to spend your evening on the water. With birds flying over
head, raccoons peeking through the tree's, iguana's resting on the sea wall, beautiful yachts and homes
light up the canals making this paddle a very tranquil and soothing experience.  
Garden Cove
Spend the day paddling in the shallows. This mangrove infested paradise leaves nature lovers glued to
there cameras. Breeding sea life is abundant, great white heron, cormorants, ibis and osprey stare at the
brightly colored kayaks floating by. Enjoy a refreshing dip in the warm water and leave your worries
behind. Our kayaking family has rated this tour in our top 10 .