Q: What happens if I need to use the restroom while we are kayaking?
A: Using the restroom prior to launching is always recommended, however if you need to go whiling kayaking
please let your guide know and they will be happy assist you.

Q: Will a trip be cancelled because of rain?
A: No, but heavy winds, or rapidly changing weather may result in an alternate trip plan, and lightning will
definitely keep us off the water. Your safety is paramount to us.

Q: What is All American Kayak's cancellation policy?
A: Please click on the following link to see our cancellation policy Cancellation Policy

Q: Do I have to tip the guide?
A: Absolutely not. While tipping does occur (and is certainly welcome), the prices I list are for the entire
adventure. Feel free to tip or not as you would with any guided tour, but by no means consider it mandatory.

Q: Why do I have to have a personal flotation device? I can swim very well.
A: Florida Law requires all kayakers to have a P.F.D., and we require it to be worn.

Q: Can I bring my dog with me?
A: Yes, however we have special paddles a few times during the year for all 4 legged friends please call
Erica @ 754-368-0181 for paddles that are not specifically advertised for 4 legged friends.

Q: Why does All American Kayak ask what my height and weight are?
A: We need your approximate height and weight to assign you your kayak and gear.

Q: Can I tip the kayak over?
A: Yes, however we will be happy to show you how to stay dry. Most beginner paddlers prefer the sit-on-top
style over the cockpit style, however we encourage paddlers to try both to really understand the difference.

Q: How many people come on trips?
A: No more than 10 kayakers to 1 guide during the day time, and 8 kayakers to 1guide for night time trips.
Most trips will have 6-12 paddlers.

Q: Do your guides have any medical training?
A: Yes, all of our guides are required to have CPR, First Aid, and Water Rescue training.

Q: What are water shoes?
A: Water safe shoes are sandals, or boots that protect your feet and float. Flip flops, crocks, and open back
sandals are not recommended for kayaking.
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