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Peanut Island Snorkeling Tour!
We had a group of newbies and one of whom is not a confident
swimmer, Erica and her staff made each and everyone comfortable
with the equipment and her instructions gave us all a boost of
confidence. Kayaking is great, but with the right tour guide it is a
experience not to be forgotten. Thank you All American Kayak.
Toni Mare, NY
"All American Kayak has proven to be a very professionally run organization,
combining a fun outlook and a comforting attention to detail.

Every aspect of each trip is very carefully planned and it is evident in the ease with
which your day progresses. From information and directions given to the clients, to
charts, routes, tides, and safety equipment (including SPOT - a satellite emergency
locater), to plenty of food and beverage.

With a lifelong love of water sports and a job as a firefighter/paramedic, Erica Gleeson
is a more than a qualified, very knowledgeable guide. She gives her paddlers just
enough instruction to let them know that their safety is her utmost concern with out
diminishing the purpose of the gathering - to have fun! And that it is!

What more could you ask? All American Kayak provides a warm, friendly atmosphere
and a variety of different excursions, where all paddlers (new or experienced) can
leave the planning to the pros and safely relax and enjoy the diverse environment of
South Florida!"

Daun Anne & Eliza
What a wonderful memory.