Team building exercises are designed for groups of co-workers, family members, sports teams, or perfect strangers. The basis is to match up
participants with a partner they may not know so well and give them exercises to complete together. Some of the basic exercises such as the one
legged hop, potato sack race, or blind maze are taken slightly out of the norm and placed in a natural environment. You will find that our company can
really think out of the box our famous yak wards kayak races, yak-soccer, blind treasure hunts, and the sandy mine field are just a few of the
programs our guides have designed and implemented to help your group work as a team. Idea's are always welcome for new ways to improve our events.
Eco-expeditions are designed to take any group out of there every day environment and place them into a more natural environment. Groups seem to
like this type of program for the relaxation, education, and pleasurable environment they are introduced to. Our guides will point out aspects of nature
most people do not think about, educate the group as a whole, and be open for any questions your group’s participants might have. One of our favorite
tools we like to use are laminated cards with information about local migratory birds, foliage, and water related information. We will hand out these
cards and have every one in the group participating on this Environmental learning expedition.
Kayaking Instruction is designed to take a group of novice paddlers into a sheltered creek, teach them the fundamentals of kayaking and basic
rescue techniques. Participants like these specialty outings for building personnel confidence, establishing a basis for there technique, and how much
fun we have doing it. Friendly competitions are always welcome although there are no single winners on these types of events. Fundamentals include
forward strokes, tandem paddling technique, and paddling backwards. Basic Rescue techniques include getting in and out of your kayak from an on the
water point of view, gear recovery, general boating safety, and the essentials of safety equipment. Our guides will work with the group as a whole
and on a one to one basis while the demonstrate all of the techniques themselves first.
Groups of 4 to 9 Participants
Groups of 10 to 14 Participants
Groups of 15-20 Participants
$35.00 Per person
Includes water and snack
$45.00 Per person
Includes beverages and lunch
$55.00 Per person
Includes beverages, snacks & lunch
2 to 3 Hours
4 to 5 Hours
6 to 8 Hours
$30.00 Per person
Includes water and snack
$40.00 Per person
Includes beverages and lunch
$50.00 Per person
Includes beverages, snacks & lunch
$25.00 Per person
Includes water and snack
$35.00 Per person
Includes beverages and lunch
$45.00 Per person
Includes beverages, snacks & lunch
2 to 3 Hours
2 to 3 Hours
4 to 5 Hours
4 to 5 Hours
6 to 8 Hours
6 to 8 Hours
Do you have a group looking to participate in a fun and exciting adventure in South Florida? What is the purpose of kayaking with your
group? Would you like to do some team building exercises, eco-expeditions, or a day of kayaking instruction. You have found the right
place. All American Kayak will help you choose the location based on your objective just send an email to
and we will begin designing your adventure. With All American Kayak your groups adventure is just 1 click away.
Before paying for your groups event please contact or fill out the form below to schedule the date,
time, and location of your event. This is a critical step in the planning process as tides and weather may be an influence for your
event. Below you will find the pricing information and location information. We can also  schedule your event at a private/buisness
location that has water access with proper verification of launching facilities. If you have any questions please call Erica Gleeson at
754-368-0181 or email Thank you we look forward to making your event a success.
All American Kayak travels to many locations including Palm Beach County, Broward County, Miami-Dade County,
Collier County, and the Florida Keys. Launch locations are base upon which type of event your group would like to
participate in. For a complete list of locations or assistance in choosing a location please fill out the form below:
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Kayak Instruction
Sunset Tours are a beautiful way to spend an evening on the water relaxing and seeing one of natures most incredible events. Watch the sky change
from that bright blue to warm hues of oranges, purples, pinks and yellows as we paddle through the calm waters. Locations for this type event are
limited and require a bit more planning so please contact us soon if you would like to get your group out for an evening cruise.
Safety lights are included for any night time paddling tours. *Instead of lunch you are welcome to have our wine & cheese option*
Sunset Tours
Team Building
Group Tours
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