Every year we get together with the local paddling clubs to enjoy an evening full of
Holiday fun. We meet up and decorate our kayaks and paddle along the beautiful
waterways of Downtown Ft. Lauderdale spreading cheer to everyone around. Bring
your battery operated lights, props, tree's, balloons, floats and be creative. Once the
sun goes down we are the most beautiful thing on the water. A bunch of festive
kayakers all lit up having a good time.  If you have your own kayak Guide Service is
Free but you must register to be part of the fun. Paddlers rating for this tour is easy.
8th Annual Holiday Paddle
Single Cockpit
Kayak Rental
Single Sit-on-top
Kayak Rental
Kayak Rental
$45.00 p/p
$40.00 p/p
$30.00 p/p
Kayak Rentals & Payments
Kayak Owners Registration
Kayak rentals include your kayak, pfd's , paddles, and guide service.
If you need lights or equipment for your own kayak please let us
know in the Kayak Info section of the Registration Box.
Happy   Paddlin'   Holidays