Want a New way to get rid of those extra calories? Join us on our next “Yakfit” paddle. As a local
Firefighter and Busy Kayak Guide; Kayak Erica has put together a great program to help shake those
unwanted pounds and improve you paddling performance. This unique work out will leave you feeling
refreshed and encouraged to find the most opportune ways to get in shape and enjoy beautiful South Florida.
Our Exercise routine will combine stretching and conditioning exercises specifically targeted for the muscles
kayakers use the most. Our paddles, kayaks, and other equipment will be our tools as we focus on light weight
lifting “3-5lbs” with lots of repetitions, endurance paddling, leg strengthening and cardiovascular exercises.
Kayak Fitness Instruction
Single Kayak
Single Kayak
Tandem Kayak
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Own Kayak
$40.00 p/p
$45.00 p/p
$35.00 p/p
$25.00 p/p
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