2 Ocean Kayak Prowler 13's
Sweet tracking Sit On Top.
Fully rigged up for Fishing Fun!
2 RTM Disco's
The super fast and sleek 14'er
3 Tarpon 130 Tandems
High Load, Fast & Stable
Can be paddled solo with Ease!
1 Ocean Kayak Sidekick
The Family Ride
Made for 1, 1+child, or 1+dog.
Coming in the Future x 3:
The sweet wooden ride!
Our Fleet !
Kayaks & Canoes
The Cockpit Club
Available Courtesy of Kayak Jeff
4 - Easky 17's
1 - Necky Chatam 16
1 - RomanyS
Paddles & Pfd's
3x MadRiver Explorer 16's
New to our Fleet!